FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –InterCool USA, LLC’s new state of the art Compressor Services/Fabrication Shop now operational:

Intercool has recently opened its new compressor shop in York PA. The compressor shop will share space with our fabrication shop in a 24,000 sq ft facility. The shop is located immediately off exit 24 on I83, providing easy access for compressor shipments. A large selection of OEM parts is inventoried for the more common sizes across multiple compressor manufacturers. Parts are kept in a climate-controlled environment ensuring their availability when needed for emergency, quick turn rebuilds. The compressor shop occupies over 5,000 sq ft and is divided into two sealed rooms, one for disassembly, inspection and cleaning, the other for final assembly and testing. The new space has an independent HVAC system for climate control and to ensure cleanliness in the space. Intercool has equipped the facility with modern overhead cranes, including variable speed drives to aid in the precision movements required for rebuilds. A well-lighted space along with latest tools and instruments allow for accurate inspections and photo documentation during the disassembly process. Failure analysis will be provided for any compressor that has damage requiring additional work beyond the scope of a normal rebuild. Parts cleaning can be accomplished with an automatic parts washer or by hand on our custom-made wash table. Once any repairs are completed, all rotors will be balanced to the more stringent of the OEM or ISO standards with our in-house testing equipment. Compressors are then reassembled in our dedicated clean room, undergo final inspections including leak check, slide valve operation, bearing end play and rotor clearances. Once this is complete, they are given a fresh coat of paint and securely packaged for shipment back to your facility. Most important, all work is performed by factory trained technicians that average more than 15 years of experience with rebuilding rotary screw compressors, ensuring your compressor is rebuilt to exacting standards. Our new space also allows Intercool to store your rebuilt compressors with our individual plant or corporate wide programs. Your compressors will be properly maintained as specified by the OEM’s ensuring their availability when you need them most. Intercool also maintains a limited number of remanufactured compressors for immediate shipments. In addition to Intercools significant investment in our state of the art rebuild shop we are also investing in the tools to diagnose the health of compressors operating in the field and then the latest tools to ensure proper installation of the rebuilt or replacement compressor. Our investment includes the purchase of the latest vibration data collectors and analyzer. Each region will have multiple analyzers to ensure the ability to respond to questionable compressors. Data collectors utilize triaxial accelerometers making measurement less prone to errors and faster than single axis probes. Data is then analyzed and reviewed by leading industry experts who generate easy to understand written reports to provide to owners so that intelligent decisions can be made with regards to maintaining your compressor. Once your compressor has been rebuilt and returned to your facility, an Intercool service technician will ensure its proper installation. Alignment is a key factor in the installation and imperative to the life and reliability of your newly rebuilt or replaced compressor. Intercool has invested in the latest laser alignment tools for our technicians to utilize. These laser tools use three position measurement and provides a 3-D live view for our technicians to review while performing alignment. The alignment tool also has the ability to detect soft foot ensuring it is never overlooked. Once the alignment meets OEM specifications a report is generated showing final alignment measurements. When the life of your refrigeration compressors are critical to your operations, Intercool has the people, facilities, equipment and expertise to keep you running. If you would like to learn more about our compressor rebuild capabilities or schedule a visit to our new facility, please call Sean Kochert at 267-643-1674 or you can reach him via email at